Monday, April 27, 2015

Lizards and me

Occasionally, questions like "what happens after death?", "what was I in my previous life?" would spring up in my mind. As much as I wish to carpe diem, these thoughts just have their means of sneaking into my head. Perhaps, it's because I'm into my forties and living a very much auntie and mundane life that I couldn't help but sometimes sank deep into the unknown.

The husband liked to tease that I was a lizard in my previous life. I hated that. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but started to wonder if there were some possibilities in it. First of all, I have had all the "wonderful encounters" with lizards. When I was a child, a fat lizard dropped into my clothes while I was playing and I started "dancing" with it. On other occasions, equally big lizards dropped on my head while I was walking along the corridor. Ever since, I have become a keen spotter for lizards -- big or small. Anything wriggling on the floors or walls would startle me with a jerk. On many occasions,  the husband had jumped at the sight of my jerks and startles. He was very angry with me for causing the alarm and he demanded that I stay a distance away after those episodes. I was left to fend for myself if there were any lizards in the house. And I started to diminish the husband's worth for not protecting me from lizards...

Yesterday, we had a visitor - a baby lizard made its way through the main door while we entered the house. It crawled on the walls before dropping to the floor. I saw the opportunity and slowly 'guided' it out of the house using a paper broomstick. You know, baby lizards are not that terrifying. They don't crawl that fast. So I can afford to 'help' it out of the house without much disruption to the family. And i owed it to Kai who helped me opened the main gate and cleared the path for the baby. You couldn't possibly imagine how grateful I was to him.

Lizards and me. Our paths crossed so often. Was I really a lizard in my previous life? What is the possibility of lizards or animals reborned into the human realm? But then again, if I were really a lizard previously, I shouldn't be terrified of them in this life. I should be keeping them as pets instead, shouldn't I? How strange. Logically, I should be a mosquito or some other pests that were tongued in by lizards, which explains why in this life, I was so terrified of lizards. Aren't I right?

Arghh.. just some nonsensical ramblings from auntie me. Anyway, how's life, my friend?

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