Friday, May 29, 2015


And guess what... that's the class position he got for SA1. I was speechless  after all those effort put into teaching him... all those naggy reminders, all those heart aches...

That was the result I  got.
But I've always know this: things are beyond my control.

He is a bright child.
But way too careless.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Parenting in today's education system

Being a parent is not easy. Being a loving, benevolent and cool headed one is even tougher. It's been 12 years... but 12 years of parenting experience didn't make me any better parent. Sad.

I have been complaining about Kai's academic performance. I set a rather high expectation of him and get really upset whenever he couldn't live up to my expectations. I told myself to let go but couldn't. The education system won't allow me. He has to be assessed. He has to perform or he'd fall behind. I can't afford to let go. This is getting crazy.

He got back his Chinese paper yesterday. He scored 40/50. I was disappointed. Then I went through his paper and became mad. Three of the questions, worth 2 marks each, which I had taught him, had been answered wrongly. Then I started to scream my head off. What went wrongly? Why didn't he pay full attention when I was teaching him. Why was he nodding his head every time I taught him? Why did he seem to fully comprehend yet scored so badly?

That was how anxious I got over his examination marks. That was how the entire education system has got me to become. That was how the whole examination system got me to be a lesser parent.


Why can't there be no exams so that I can be a better parent?

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