Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scientific Kai

Kai is the champion when it comes to bathing. He takes 15-20 minutes to bathe! Frankly, I consider that too long for a young boy like him becos' effectively I bathe myself completely in under 10 minutes. He bathed with doors opened and I'd always nagged at him to speed up.  Once I thought I saw him playing with water but I ended up learning a new science fact.

 Me: Why are you playing with water? Bathe faster! 

Kai: I'm not playing with water. I'm just testing the surface tension of water. You know why water droplets are round shape? That's because of the water surface tension. Water behaves like a cell.... ... I know you don't understand one la....

 Me: (???) I really don't. ..

Kai's knowledge about science has long surpassed mine. He has been telling me about how things work, about tnt, eye discharge, function of antibodies, why do our voices sound different to ourselves than to others, etc, etc.

Oh yes, and he said that we must eat less protein so that our fart don't smell so bad.

"Do you know why our fart have sound and smell? It's because when we fart, our anal sphincter will vibrate and that gives out the farting sound. When the fart is released, it is ammonia gas, which has an unpleasant smell. When you eat protein, you will have more ammonia gas..."

That was his explanation!
I was impressed.
I should say I'm very proud of his knowledge and inquisitiveness. And I admit guiltily that 50% of the time when he wanted to impart those knowledge to me, I wasn't listening. Tsk tsk tsk....

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