Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starting secondary school

Xuan has started her secondary education in Nanyang Girls' High. She has liked it so far, expect that she hasn't made any 'best' friends yet. She's still very much in contact with her two primary school BFF - Charmaine and Celeste. .. I hope they will always keep in touch and be one another's pillar of strength when the tides get high and the ride gets rough. Hb drives Xuan to NYGH while I walk Kai to NCPS every morning. Walking to Anchorvale Rd takes 12 minutes while driving to Bukit Timah takes 35 minutes... so I take the easier job... Nevertheless, I still have to wake up at 6.05am everyday to get things ready for the family. ... It's going to be a super busy year this year.
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