Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Was searching through my old posts to find out the date we actually shifted into Compass Heights - wanted to find out if the date coincide on a bad day for house shifting. We never believed in feng shui and so for CH, we didn't choose any auspicious date to move in nor did we perform any ritual for blessings. But now I'm thinking if these are the reasons behind our not-so-good luck (Xuan never slept in her room, faced sleep problems and many problems; the siblings fought badly; a lot of crazy tantrums, anger; sickness and illness within the first 2 years, etc)

Well, i did not even document the date of shifting in, so I'd never be able to conclude.

Now, I've become more particular about feng shui. But sometimes, the dates chosen for various stages are out of our control.

For the new house we are shifting to, here are some dates:
20 oct 2016 shift boxes to warehouse
21 oct 2016 collect keys and door opening
27 oct 2016 shift and stay in AMK
November 2016 renovation
December 2016 shift in to new abode

Just keep fingers crossed that all dates are good dates and things will turn out well for everyone in the new house.

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