Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Great Helper: iLife 5vs Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Life just got busier ever since we have shifted in. Other than chauffeuring, I have lots of cleaning to do around the house leaving no time to fulfill my "chef" role. Maybe that is a blessing to the members of the family cos' my cooking really cannot make it...

Anyway, cleaning alone takes up a lot of time, leaving me with no rest at all. I engage a weekly part-time helper but on days without her, the floor gets really dusty and sticky. So the second iLife robotic cleaner really helps to relieve the cleaning of floors on other days. I bought an irobot at first, paying more than $700 for it. But one is not enough, so I bought an iLife 5vs pro on Lazada for a quarter of what I paid for irobot. I had thought that it would be much inferior compared to irobot for the price I paid, but to my surprise I find it much better than irobot! Can you believe it?

I just couldn't help but compare the two!
Firstly, iLife 5vs pro not only vacuums but does mopping as well and It is so much quieter compared to irobot. It comes with two spinning brushes at the bottom instead of one in irobot, and cleans up dust more effectively. The only con is that it does not come with a handle to be carried around with one hand, other than that, whatever feature you find in irobot, you can find it in Ilife 5vs pro!

I seldom review or compare products, but when I do, that thing must have really been worth it...

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