About Kai

HELLO! naughty!

I still haven't mastered the skills to greet people politely. I like to call them naughty because I am naughty! My mummy and daddy are very upset with me. Whenever they asked me why I do this and that, I always reply, "because I naughty!" I like to see their reactions. I like to test mummy's limit. Whenever she came to me with the cane, I'd run and scream hysterically "NO! I DON"T WANT!" This new strategy was pretty effective. Mummy was scared of my hysterical cries, I think she is scared that I would bang into the walls with my mad dash. She put down the cane and I saved myself. Phew!

Although I am mischievous, I am very adorable. Really. I'm cute. See? !!

I like cars. And I like red. I like red cars! I love Lightning Mcqueen. I have many cars at home. But most of them are lousy, so said mummy. She forbade me to buy more cars. She bluffed me that all the cars out there are lousy so that I don't bug her to buy. She said I can only look at them. Cannot buy. I listen to her. But not to daddy. Whenever daddy is around, I'd ask him to buy. Daddy loves me to core, he'd buy whatever I ask for.

Actually I am a good boy. When mummy asks me to pack up my toys, I obey. When she asks me to nap, I nap. When she said bathe, I bathe. I never put up a fight with her. I am basically a YES boy. I only have problem with NO. I have a bit of difficulty listening to all the 'don't touch that', 'don't do that', 'don't....' Well... I don't really know why... maybe because I'm such a YES boy. Mummy just need to change her strategy a bit by converting all the negative "don't do that" warnings to positive "do this" simple instructions. It's all about management.

Mummy loves me a lot, so does daddy and jiejie. I know I'm their rainbow and sunshine! I don't exactly made them proud but I made them shine. It's a big deal, you know.

Ta, hope to see you here again!