About this blog


My name is Tin.

This blog is essentially about my two kids, Xuan and Kai. But things do get out of hand, and you'd find me rambling about everything in life, about how parenting sucks at one point and suddenly become terrific at another.

I was stucked in the corporate realm for about a decade (I should have waited a while more to get my well-deserved Long Service Award but I didn't) before redeemed into the household by two seemingly lovable kids (maybe I knew then that Full-time Parenting Award is more worthwhile). Anyway, the kids are both my angels and devils. They are capable of making me laugh till I drop and cry till my heart ache and break. They are true gems in my life.

I agree wholeheartedly when they say 'if you’re a parent the days are long, but the years are short'. I know the day will soon arrive when I'd look into the kids’ bedrooms and see empty beds. I'm gonna miss the cries, laughters, screamings and fightings that I now hear everyday.

So, before they flap their wings to seek greener pastures, to set up families and repeat what I am doing today, I have to treasure those moments...

Moments that are so precious, that only this blog can help to document... so that when they have flown, I have something to fall back on, to reminisce the good old days when they are still babies.

Thank you for hopping by.