About Xuan

Hello Aunty/Uncle!

Konichiwa! My name is Xuan. Don't be mistaken. I'm a down-to-earth Singaporean just like my mom and dad. I picked up some Japanese greetings during our last trip to Japan. I am a friendly girl, you see. I used to be a shy baby and cried upon seeing strangers. But now I am exceptionally sociable and chatty. I like to talk to everybody. Even to those 'cold people' whom adults don't like to talk to. This change surprises my mummy and daddy. I know I made them proud.

This was how I look when I was 2 years old. See. So cute! I wasn't that skinny then and I looked cuter. My mummy wants me to eat a lot. She always complains that I am too skinny and I need to grow fatter. I know she meant well. She doesn't want me to follow her footsteps... but I can't help it. It's all in the genes. I also want to grow fatter. I have tried to finish all the food my mummy prepared for me. I told her she is the best cook in the whole wide world. It made her grin from ear to ear... but I think she knows that her own cooking sucks.

I like to crack silly jokes and force mummy to laugh. I don't really have a good sense of humor but I want everybody to be happy. I love my younger brother although we always fight. I still get jealous sometimes. When mummy laughs over didi's silly actions, I'd also try to act silly. But she told me, I've gotten over the cute stage. It's not about cute anymore, it's about being obedient. And I am obedient. But I have a fiery temper. I'm learning to curb it. I am pretty hyper at this age, and full of energy. Mummy always have to remind me to FOCUS. She said, "play hard and study hard," which is what I am doing. My favourite toy is still my number NINE. I have recently added a new favourite, Miffy. Both number NINE and Miffy get along well. I can play with them the whole day until mummy reminds me again, "play hard and STUDY HARD!"

I am learning the piano. Some of the songs that I played inspired mummy and daddy greatly. I have became their piano teacher. I like to praise their efforts. And I need them to clap for me as well each time I play a song. It is a must! That is how they can motivate me to play and go a level higher. I was once invited to perform in a mini-concert. Although the audience comprised passer-bys who stood and listen, and I was just short of a collection tin to make the street performing scene complete, it was still a performance nonetheless, with real people listening! By the way, I also have a flair for drawing and colouring, just like mummy. I took part in some RC colouring contest and won a trophy. Then I took part in a Colgate-Palmolive art contest and won a consolation. I was thrilled. It was a nation-wide contest, so a consolation means a great deal! I've made mom and dad gloriously proud.

So much for the self-introduction.
See you again!